Welcome to Teachers College

Congratulations on your admission to Teachers College, Columbia University! On behalf of my faculty colleagues and 90,000 alumni, I’m delighted to welcome you to TC.

It’s an exciting time to be here. TC continues to be at the forefront of innovation. We have introduced new degree programs and concentrations in recent years including a new M.A. program in Learning Analytics, the Design and Development of Digital Games, and Sexuality, Women and Gender. These are important areas that we know will make an impact in the field. You’ll have many opportunities to explore this dynamic landscape and chart your own path.

You’ll study with our world-class faculty, leaders in their fields who will inspire, encourage, and champion your work. Working side by side with them will spark your imagination and empower you to make your mark.

You’ll study and share ideas with fellow students in an atmosphere rich with activity and opportunity. And you’ll have the chance to take part in all the greatness that is New York City.

The College has blazed trails over the decades, creating fields of inquiry and study that have had a positive impact on New York City, the nation, and the world. We gave rise to the inquiry-based classroom of John Dewey, the first nutrition curriculum, and the field of conflict resolution.

We call this our “Legacy of Firsts.” It sets us—and you—apart from the pack. Now it’s yours to build on, with a 21st century twist. You’ll quickly feel part of our vibrant community of scholars who share a devotion to creating a smarter, healthier, and more just world for all.

Together we’ll embark on the next chapter in our history. We welcome you to be part of meeting the challenges before us and ensuring that Teachers College remains the nation’s preeminent graduate school of education, psychology, and health.


Susan H. Fuhrman


Teachers College, Columbia University

Susan H. Fuhrman, President
Teachers College, Columbia University